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2024 Falcons Executive Board


Vice President


General Manager

Athletic Director

Cheer Director

Fundraiser Director

Equipment Director

Concession Director

  • Haley

Field Director

  • Open

Scholarship Director

  • DeShandra Holland

For any inquiries please email:


Dates, times and locations for all TYFSF board meetings are listed in link below

Our Mission 

The Tucson Falcons Association is a nonprofit 503(c) youth football and cheerleading organization, that serves Tucson children from 5 to 15 years of age. Our mission is to inspire the youth of our community to practice ideals of health, citizenship, character and education, and to bring area youth closer together through a common interest in sportsmanship, fair play and fellowship. Our main focus is to emphasize scholastic achievement in the classroom and to keep the welfare of the youth first and foremost. We accomplish this by providing and maintaining appropriate qualified adult leadership and example. The Tucson Falcon Association was founded during the 1970-71 season, becoming the 7th football association formed in Tucson under the American Football Federation. Since that time the Tucson Falcons have had a rich and prosperous history. The Falcons have watched many of their scholar athletes leave these fields to grace the halls and fields in The Tucson Unified School District, Marana Unified School District and Vail Unified School District. Many have gone on to be collegiate athletes playing for schools such as The University of Arizona, Brown University, University of California, Berkeley, Northern Arizona, Texas Christian University, Eastern Arizona Community College, and Pima Community College. This list is far from complete because we expect many future Falcons to continue this great tradition. 

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